Get TEAM Updates via the EpiCenter App by AssureTech

Never before have epinephrine auto-injector training courses been packaged inside of a software that offers life-saving support during an allergic reaction and connects you with news and other resources in the Community. 


Access Your Membership & Other Important Food Allergy-Related Resources with the EpiCenter App

The EpiCenter App was designed by AssureTech, LLC, a company founded by lifelong food allergy sufferer, Joey DiGangi, to make life easier for people with severe food allergies by providing emergency features, like finding a hospital and notifying emergency services during an allergic reaction, and connecting users with safe-to-eat food and other important resources in the food allergy community.


They've partnered with us and made accessing your TEAM membership and other important information easier than ever by integrating our resources into the EpiCenter App.

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